Quickee - The fastest way to share feedback!
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What is Quickee?

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The fastest way to share feedback.

Quickee is the fastest way to share feedback. Download today from the app store and start giving constructive feedback to all sorts of places from cafes, bars, telecommunication companies or even your favourite electricity provider!

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A new kind of feedback and ratings.

Think of it like Twitter but for feedback. Think of it similar to what Uber did for Taxis. The difference is we're doing it to the review market. Here's to no more lengthy reviews ... just get to the point!

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Change the world for the better with Quickee.

We would prefer that you use Quickee to offer constructive feedback so that businesses and places can tweak their offerings and improve. P.S. No trolls or haters!

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Everyone deserves a Quickee - even Donald Trump's Whitehouse.

Download today and post some feedback to the White House. And if not the White House, let a business or place you encountered today know what they did well or not so well. You're aloud to say nice things too!